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  • Dear guests,

 At  MOON Resort , you can enjoy unforgettable landscapes, seen right from your bed, regardless of the cabin you book.

MOON Resort  mobile homes   give you a feeling of well-being as they enter your field of vision. They have a “magical” power to call you close, to discover them, and you can’t resist the temptation to step on their threshold.


In order to offer you the most pleasant experience at  MOON Resort , we have established a series of general rules that we bring to your attention and that you are obliged to respect, starting from the date of making the reservation as well as during your stay. , within  the MOON Resort .

 The people staying at  the MOON Resort  have the obligation to respect the rules of conduct valid in the  MOON Resort perimeter , developed and implemented out of respect for the guests and for their comfort. Failure to comply with these general rules gives the representative of the  MOON  resort the right to refuse accommodation in the resort and/or to select its clientele.

Presentation of the accommodation units and facilities offered by MOON RESORT:

“MOON”  represents the first resort of mobile homes in Romania, a project characterized by uniqueness, equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

“MOON”  is the paradise where you take refuge, away from the eyes of the world, the high-class “den” where you escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

The ” MOON” resort  is located just 300 m from the Cantacuzino Castle, 2.1 km from the Kalinderu Slope, 2.3 km from the Caraiman Monastery, 2.4 km from Babel and the Sphinx and 4.8 km from the Urloătea Waterfall.

In the resort you will find a number of  8 mobile homes Moon Juliet ,  3 mobile homes Moon Calisto and 2 apartments Moon Chalet , which are at your disposal to be rented.

Parking within the resort can be done on the street, in front of or behind the cottages, following the signs mounted on the fence of the cottages.

The cottages are fully furnished, equipped and equipped, with the following facilities:

Fully equipped bathrooms, equipped with electric boilers, with a capacity of 100 l each;

Kitchenette equipped with: microwave oven, electric stove, coffee machine and kettle, tableware (plates, bowls, glasses and coffee cups), refrigerator, etc.;

Electric fireplace (can be turned on from the panel above it, where the first buttons on the right are for extra heat and the button on the left for light);

Heating system with panels (the heat in the cabin can be turned on by activating the start button of the electric radiator located on the left side at the entrance to the cabin; temperature adjustment is made from the arrow mark on the radiator);

Internet, cable TV, Netflix;

Air conditioning;

Own barbecue for each cottage (placed outside the cottages).

We draw the guests’ attention to the fact that both the check of the cottages’ equipment and their integrity will be carried out upon their check-out. After the departure of the guests, each cottage is sanitized and disinfected.

For guests who are passionate about ATVs, Off-Road trips or hiking in the mountains, the resort offers them the facility to purchase their favorite activity directly, starting right from the Moon  cottages . The activities provided by the resort as well as the conditions and departure schedule can be modified, depending on the season, with the resort staff providing, on site, all the necessary information in this regard.


Reservations of  MOON cottages  can be made online, directly, on the website , on, by email ( ), by phone (0747.133.460 / 0747.133.461) .

The reservation will be considered made only after the guest receives the confirmation of the reservation from the  MOON resort  and only within the availability of the resort.

The guest understands and accepts the fact that  the cancellation of the reservation made , confirmed by the resort, automatically leads to the loss of the advance paid, if the cancellation of the reservation occurs more than 3 days after the date of payment.

The advance or advance of the reservations  made can only be made with the prior agreement of the resort, based on the guest’s request, sent to the resort, the guest understanding and accepting the fact that his request to advance or advance the stay will be accepted by the resort only depending on the availability of reservations from that period.

If the guest has reserved a special package and wishes to advance or bring forward his reservation, during a period when the resort does not have that special package and/or special offer available, the guest understands and accepts the fact that, either he presents himself during the period in that the special/special offer/package purchased/acquired by him is offered/offered by the resort, or loses the entire advance paid to the resort, if such an advance was charged and paid, in such a case the rules above do not apply, regarding advancing or bringing forward the stay at the request of the guest, during a period when the resort has cabins available.

All reservations will be finally confirmed and made subject to the advance payment of ½ of the value of the services ordered by the guest.


Payment for reservations  is made (i) by  card  – in the case of reservations made online, on the MOON website and at the resort’s reception, through the POS, in case of payment of the difference remaining to be paid from the guest’s stay; (ii) by  bank transfer/payment order  – in the case of reservations made by telephone, based on the fiscal invoice issued and communicated by the department; (iii)  cash  – to pay the rest of the payment, from the value of the guest’s stay, at the reception of the resort and (iv) by  vouchers/holiday card .

In order to help guests who want to reserve a cottage in the resort during a certain period that is already occupied,  MOON  offers them the opportunity to sign up on the waiting list, and interested guests will be contacted by the resort’s representatives if that a box is released during the period of interest for them. Registration on the waiting list can be done through the section specially designed and created by the resort, on the website .


Check-in starts at 4:00 p.m.

The resort offers guests the possibility to check in after 16.00, until 21.00 at the latest.

The resort does not offer guests the possibility of Early Check-In or Late Check-In.

Check-out will take place until 11:00 a.m.

The release of the cabins after 11.00 is not accepted under any circumstances, exceeding the release time generates the obligation of the guest to pay the resort for one more night of accommodation in the cabin.

Children can be accommodated within the resort, regardless of their age, provided they are accompanied by an adult. It is NOT allowed to accommodate minors in the resort premises, who are unaccompanied by an adult.

Accommodation will be made only after the presentation of an identity card and the completion of the accommodation form by each guest . By completing the accommodation form, each guest will be aware of these general rules, and by signing the accommodation form, they will express their agreement with the general rules and undertake to comply with them. 

Also, with the completion and signing of the accommodation form, the guests will be aware of the agreement for the processing of personal data, mandatory processing by the resort in order to provide the services requested by the guest. In this sense, the guest understands and accepts the fact that, his refusal to provide the personal data required to be processed by the resort, equates to the impossibility of the resort to provide the services requested by the guest.

After completing the accommodation form, guests will pay the booking fee/difference for the booked tour package. Payment can be made: in cash or card, in lei or euros, at the BNR exchange rate of that day.

After completing the accommodation formalities,  the key to the reserved cottages will be picked up from our reception.

If the guests of the resort wish to leave earlier  than the total number of days reserved and paid for, this fact will represent a waiver of the contracted services and the resort will not reimburse or compensate with other services the value of the services that are waived.

If the guests wish to increase the number of reserved days,  they must request this aspect from the resort, at least 24 hours before the reserved period ends. To the extent that, after checking the availability of accommodation, the resort approves the guest’s request, he understands and accepts the fact that he will be obliged to pay in full, in advance, the additional number of days requested and approved by the resort. 


Smoking (including electronic) is prohibited inside the cottages  .   Smoking is allowed only in the spaces specially arranged for this purpose by the resort (e.g. on the terrace of the cottages, outside them, etc.).

The access of pets is prohibited . People who make a reservation but at the time of accommodation do not respect the prohibition will not be accommodated. The resort will refuse accommodation to people presenting with pets, and the amounts of money paid by them, as an advance, if such amounts have been charged and paid, will be retained by the resort.

The people staying in the resort have  the obligation to ensure the security/surveillance of their own property.  The resort does not assume responsibility for the objects and valuables left in the lockers, for any negligence, loss or theft of goods.

The damage, by the guests , of any object from the inventory of the resort and/or from the endowment of the resort and/or from the endowment of the cottages, will attract their patrimonial liability, which will operate through the payment by the guest of the damages caused, according to the values ​​shown in the list of inventory found in each box. If the guest causes damage to an object that is not found in the inventory list, the parties will draw up a statement of findings in which they will mention the value that the guest must pay to the resort, according to the understanding of the parties. In all cases where damage caused by the guest is discovered, a statement of findings is drawn up, which will include all the necessary details in order to identify the damage caused and solve the problem.

The resort is equipped with wi-fi internet and it can be used free of charge. The resort does not assume responsibility for possible malfunctions or temporary lack of internet signal.

During the stay in the resort, guests have  the obligation to keep clean , using the trash cans located in the resort.

It is  strictly forbidden to accommodate in the accommodation units a larger number of people than the number admitted  in each type of cottage available within the resort.


MOON  does not impose a dress code on guests, but we recommend that they be decent and respectful towards other guests.

Guests must use the grills provided in the cottages provided they do not disturb other guests and also provided they clean the grills after use so that they can be used in the future by other guests of the resort.

Also, both inside and outside the cottages, guests can listen to music, in such a way that, by its volume, it does not disturb the stay of the other guests of the neighboring cottages.

We recommend that guests do not enter the cottages with outside shoes, to prevent damage to their floors and soiling of the carpets located in the cottages.

For  the storage of bulky luggage , we recommend that guests place them, inside the cabins, in the storage space specially designed for this purpose, located next to the bathroom door in each cabin.

Optionally, MOON offers guests the facility to purchase breakfast, which can be paid at the reception, after completing the check-in formalities.

Within the resort, the time interval  22.00-08.00  is considered quiet and guests are asked to respect this time interval, as well as the quiet of other guests of the resort. Even outside the time interval above, guests are asked to have a decent and respectful attitude.


Complaints regarding the quality of the tourist services provided will be made immediately, at the time of discovery and during the guests’ stay in the resort.

Guests understand and accept the fact that subsequent complaints will not be taken into account by the resort, given the impossibility of the resort to ascertain/investigate those reported by the guest.

Given  MOON  ‘s constant concern for the quality of the services provided, the comfort and satisfaction of the guests, we encourage the guests to immediately notify us of any irregularity/dissatisfaction/report/complaint they may have, assuring them that we will take all the necessary steps to resolve them, in the as short a time as possible.

MOON   reserves the right to select its guests, to refuse accommodation in cottages to guests who do not understand to accept the rules of conduct applicable within the resort, to guests who are intoxicated, rude or aggressive, who disturb the peace of other guests and bring a image damage to the resort.

MOON  assures its guests that it undertakes all the necessary steps so that they benefit from an unforgettable stay, away from the eyes of the world.

For a pleasant stay within the resort,  MOON  Resort invites its guests to comply with the above rules of conduct. 

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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