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Jupiter Special Concept

Discover our 7 special cabins, each with its own distinct interior design.

Perfect positioning in the Resort

Enjoy breathtaking views from the highest points of the resort.

Custom interior design

Every cabin is uniquely designed, offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

Choose based on your mood

No matter what mood you're in, there’s always a cabin just for you.

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All White

Pure elegance meets nature’s harmony. Minimalist and peaceful.

The All White Cabin is a serene oasis designed to perfectly complement the stunning landscape and fresh air. With a minimalist design, every element highlights sophisticated simplicity and brightness.


A cozy mountain retreat with rustic charm

The Alpin Cabin is a sanctuary for mountain lovers. With wooden elements, thick fabrics, and a design reminiscent of mountain lodges, it invites you to relax and reconnect with nature. Ideal for those looking to escape the urban hustle and enjoy the simplicity of mountain life.


Artistic and free-spirited vibes with colorful, ethnic accents.

The Boho Cabin combines comfort with artistic creativity, offering a relaxed and inspirational ambiance. With ethnic accents and colorful decor, every design element invites you to dream and relax. This cabin is a perfect retreat for those seeking a free-spirited and unconventional lifestyle.


Classic British elegance and refinement.

The English Cabin is a tribute to classic English style, featuring elegant tapestries, solid wood furniture, and sophisticated accents. Every detail is selected to evoke a distinguished and comfortable atmosphere, perfect for those who appreciate classicism and tradition.


Immersive nature experience with a warm, rustic feel.

The Forest Cabin brings you closer to the essence of the forest with wallpaper depicting green landscapes and rustic details. The interior design creates a warm and comforting atmosphere, bringing the beauty and tranquility of the forest indoors. Every moment spent here is a tribute to nature.


Opulent and sophisticated, perfect for an exclusive stay.

The Luxury Cabin epitomizes luxury and comfort with its elegant designs, high-quality materials, and impressive details. Every element is carefully chosen to offer an unforgettable experience. It’s perfect for those seeking refinement and exclusivity in a stunning natural setting.


Celebrate Romanian culture with authentic decor and warmth.

The Traditional Cabin pays tribute to local traditions and craftsmanship. Decorated with folk motifs, traditional furniture, and authentic textiles, each cabin tells a story about Romanian roots and values. It’s an authentic experience for those who want to discover the beauty of our traditions.

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